11 SECRET FEATURES IN YOUR MAC [MacBook Pro, macbook, macbook pro, mac, apple, computer]

Italian furniture manufacturer Dielle, have created what they call a ‘Container Bed’, which is a normal bed that has been raised to include storage underneath. It’s a solution designed for small apartments that often don’t have enough storage space.

What to do With Google Slides in an Elementary Classroom. In this post, I have 5 suggestions on how to use Google Slides: vocabulary instruction, character analysis, note taking, quick assessment and interactive online notebooks. Come read about it and get the Note Taking Freebie!

Are you ignoring one of the top 10 most popular pages on your site? If you haven’t updated your about me page in the past year, then the answer is yes. With this in mind, checkout the About Me Page: The Ultimate How to Guide and the accompanying infographic. | Blogging Tips